Electric stretch tester Man/Children

Also available in "MANUAL VERSION"
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    This "Electric Stretch Tester". The measurements are obtained trough the descent of a standard carriage group (kg 4,650) at a speed kept constant by an electric motor (with rechargeable batteries). It verifies the length and the width measures for the size control of man/children socks, knee-highs (and tigths: mod 315) in wool, cotton, acrylic, tennis type, etc ... for both the knitting and quality control.Available models:

    • Mod. 315: for SOCKS/KNEE HIGH AND TIGHT
    • Mod. 115: for SOCKS/KNEE SOCKS

    Also available in "MANUAL VERSION" with manual release and carriage descent.

    • 1: Panty Hose toe locking
    • 2: Control level (Up/Stop/Down)
    • 3: Panty Hose toe locking
    • 4: Leg length (black scale)
    • 5: White scale: total length - panty length
    • 6: Carriage manual release (for manual working)
    • 7: Carriage group (kg. 4,650)
    • 8: Locking clip for: A) panty hose welt; B) toe socks
    • 9: Extension arms
    • 10: Leg - foot length reference (mobile arrow)
    • 11: Total length - ref. arrow (white scale)
    • 12: Locking clip
    • Standard stretching weight: kg. 4,650
    • Maximum measurable length Mod. 315 cm. 315
    • Optional 'Lift up + 100' : to measure cm. 100 more, till max lenght cm 415
    • Maximum measurable length Mod. 115 cm. 115
    • Minimum measurable width cm. 12
    • Carriage descent controlled by an electric motor (with rechargeable batteries)
    • Battery life: 8 h. approx. (it can also work during battery recharging!)
    • Supply: 12 V. - with rechargeable batteries
    • Manual working: the carriage has a manual release, to operate manually, if necessary
    • The electric testers, not being connected to any electric wire while running on battery power, can be freely moved around in the knitting department
    • SPECIAL EXTENSIONS ARMS: modified the widths of new born/baby socks measures Picture (1) - Picture (2)
    DEMO: electric man-children stretch tester measurings
    DEMO: manual man-children stretch tester measurings